कैद में हूँ मैं

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आजाद पंछी हूँ पर वक्त की कैद में हूँ।

निकाल सको तो निकाल दो कोई,

किसी रीत, किसी दरिया, किसी पहर में हुँँ मैं।

न जाने किस गली किस शहर में हु मैं।

न पीछे जाने का मन, न आगे जाने की चाह,

इस कदर इस आसमान के कहर में हूँ मैं।

उस वक्त के जहाँ में हूँ।

उसी सोंच, वही लोग, उसी जगह की खैर में हूँ मैं।

जोर आवाज हूँ पर शोर की कैद में हूँ।

सुन सको तो सुन लो,

किसी गीत, किसी चीख,किसी होड़ में हूँ मैं।

न जाने किस हवा, किस दौर में हूँ मैं।

न कहने का मन है, न चुप रहने की चाह,

इस कदर इस दुनिया के असर में हूँ मैं।

उस शोर की तरंग में हूँ।

उसी सुर, उसी ताल, उसी गले की पहचान हूँ मैं।

मन से फ़क़ीर हूँ पर शब्द की कैद में हूँ।

पहचान सको तो पहचान लो,

किसी वाक्य, किसी कलम, किसी लिखावट में हूँ मैं।

न जाने किस किताब, किस कथन में हूँ मैं।

न  रोकने का मन, न रचने की चाह,

इस कदर इस इतिहास के पन्नो में हूँ मैं।

उस शब्द के जहन में हूँ।

उसी कविता, उसी कहानी, उसी स्याही के साहित्य में हूँ मैं।

खुदी में हूँ पर लोगों की कैद में हूँ।

ढूंढ सको तो ढूंढ लो,

किसी चाल, किसी हाल, किसी रोक में हूँ मैं।

न जाने किस दौड़ की होड़ में हूँ मैं।

न छोड़ने का मन, न चलने की चाह,

इस कदर इस संसार की गोद में हूँ मैं।

उन लोगों के शहर में हूँ।

उसी सोंच, उसी तौर-तरीकों, उसी नजर की सैर में हूँ मैं।



Pleasure Of Pain

“Life is perfectly not a good choice, death may be simple and peaceful but still not a good choice again” an honest acceptance by my mind, while the sun was at its height.



But  then I start making excuses. In between the sun set and  arise of night angel my mind speaks again “You can’t deny the fact, that birth and death ain’t your choice but the journey is.”  Isn’t it difficult to bear the variations of our own mind? its like a swirling tornado of thoughts that you actually don’t want but it happens.

After sprinkling motivations and old age philosophies on myself, it is mid night and  again my eyes are blinking to adjust with light or you can say life. I’m somehow managing myself to think again….”reminding yourself that you are hurted is definitely not a good idea but you know little child..pain is important. Imagine your life without pain, don’t you think it’s a push? ..everyone needs it! It is something we are invisibly dependent on to keep moving. It’s like a ‘driving force’ and yes its driving me! It’s a essence of being alive because without dark, existence of light can’t be traced. ohh wait! pain never says, “my dear friend stop walking in your life because I’m in and what else you need to do in your life is to be sad all the time.” Definitely not! you’ll not make any step forward until you feel that standing in that position is not satisfying and that is what pain is. It is something which keeps us reminding that ‘WHY’ you never have to stop yourself in the journey of life. Trust me pain is a magical thing if we know its true meaning. Without pain, happiness is just a noise of laughter. I’m lucky I learned a lot and never stopped myself where it was expected..thanks to the most painful part of my life, I’m happy now.”

After a huge fight between my heart and mind…I have written the blog and went back to sleep.. now i can say I’ll wake up with sun rise.



Eyes of new hopes

The eyes of new hopes are

Still in search of goodness,

White feather of desire

Oscillates in stroms and thunders,

The mighty, the one who destroy the nature

Peaks try to take them all.

Round and round all around the planet

Both measures the same,

Press of claws, lines of sonet.

From sunrise to sunset

No home, only house.

Thinks the miracle will happen

All the small logs together in.

So the eyes of new hopes are

Still in rearch of goodness…


“First snow fall of my life” she said with a soft smile. But his hand was warm enough to listen the truth.


I love you to the moon and back….

~(people shouting in joy on streets outsides)~

As the door knocked, she stopped her tears to cross the limits of her lower eye lashes. While sitting on the edge of the bed, suddenly she burst out with laughter, inviting her friends inside with the same familiar slang. Instead of being annoyed, he joined her idea of pretending to be normal…

“come on get up! its snow outside” was their words. They pulled both of them out-of-door but she excused them for a minute and returned back to the room. Standing in front of mirror, her mind muttered “what a beautiful mess it is?”. She tightened her fist more tightly and let her tears cross the limit. She locked the door and went outside whooping out of delight where her friends were waiting. Since it was cold enough, they decided not to go outside on streets. But their high-strung overwhelmed their berserk side and they jumped off to the adjacent terrace under the open sky. Every single snowflakes that touched her skin was simply divine to her happiness. It was 11:30 at night and friends were having the highest of their togetherness. Dancing with the rhythm of affection and singing with everlasting chords, how beautiful it was for them to be an unforgettable memory….those dances and songs, snowfall and night was that permanent painting in their life, which even time can’t  change. That night blowed away the cobwebs.

Slowly, that footloose and fancy free turned into calm amity. They all sat together outside the room, talking and teasing each other. At an instant, in between the half of the whole spoken word, his eyes saw his soul mate…Anyone could see the purity of love in between the distance of their eyes… Those warm hands overlapped the cold one and the contact needed no words to describe what they wanted to say to each other…

They packed up next morning, hugged each other and said “good-bye! will meet you all in Auli next year” and finally left for their colleges.

One year later, they shared the same valentine trolls on their Facebook wall and hanged out with friends cheering up for being single. But at night, she remembered him with a smile and he remembered her smile…both closed their eyes peacefully.




Oh! you better run because all cities are mad: but the madness is gallant, all cities are beautiful; but beauty is grim.

So..as usual I was sitting on that circular stand with the only star above in the sky. Next to the MDI faculty building, there was my PG and on the terrace it was me, watching the whole city at a constant stare. It was like “Love At First Sight”. I could see many tall buildings which are not just buildings but are dreams for more than half of the migrants and I was one of them but with only difference that it ain’t just a dream but more than that…

Those were the only part of my days when I used to stop the flow of thoughts in my head and watch the whole city running continuously with no rest. At first, I doubted myself…What if i couldn’t run as fast?…then suddenly an airplane took off from the near-most airport over my head  and with a outsmile i was like ..Why can’t i?

I remember how I used to do up & down from gurgaon to Delhi four days in a week. I faced people around me with different motives and tastes.It wasn’t only the information board “sector 21   00:02” that became the part of my daily routine but also those culture and fashion within which I found myself one of them too. This is how even small metro trips can be so versatile. Overall, I can’t neglect the fact that the blow of wind ensconced me in the essence of reality of that number of street lights with those big billboards, while at the same pace, the beggars out of nearby temple entangled me into the concept of dependency and interlinks, thus taught  me how this city runs…every time that terrace reminds me the idea of making my own unwalked way. Now I wonder how that city under grey sky beloved my heart with light pink and I found that place so incredible….! : )