Tell me something people are afraid to do? Tell me why love is so rude? Why people are crying alone at night and why they are liking more breakup pages than health sites? Why singles troll to be the happiest? Why mingles get annoyed among racists? Why buying a house don’t need caste system but why two hearts can’t make a home even ? Why teens are restricted to roam along with different genders? Why they are stared as if they have done something rebellious? Why crime don’t take a thought over it? Why love become a crime in-between public? Why girls are not allowed to choose their prince then why dad wish his daughter to be the Cinderella at her ring? Why boys are teased ‘what if they don’t earn’ and then why not feminism takes turn? Is it like buying a smart phone knowing it’s price as same as preparing yourself for an arranged marriage night? Where did the term ‘marital rape’ came into existence when my grands told me, ‘love is persistence’? Why these sacred quotes torn only into tattoo when my morals told me love is not torso? Degree in humanity is more in civil choice, but civil service without humanity and humanity without love is more an evil choice. From when sex defines character rather character defines sex? From when love is teen passion rather passionate teen? Once my friend told me, my love has no future And I asked why you feel not nurtured? She replied with her racing heart, because love is like air and I can’t cost plants! That day I realised everyone is so good in business, they deal dowry as if it is religious! Why a son is not comfortable to share his feelings? What is the logic behind this kind of lack of link? Is it really a generation gap or something which can’t be trapped? Why society decides parent’s dignity? Why happiness and love has no power in creating history? Why hundreds of death are suicidal case? Why a 19-year-old facing heart breaks? Where in holy books these limitations rely? From when these conditions are applied? Why some are out of standards when we all have same way of parturition? From when love could be defined? From then these pages are flooded aligned! After all, love is a tough task because yes I am a social animal dancing at opinion’s bar! That’s how millions of hearts failed in their narration because love in society is no less than billions terms and conditions!


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